Saturday, April 22, 2006

Movie: Up In Smoke

1978 Movie
Rated: R
1hr 25 mins

Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Strother Martin, Edie Adams, Harold Fong

Cheech and Chong meet up by chance on the highway somewhere in California. They go in search of some dope and are accidentally deported to Mexico where in their desperation to get home they agree to drive a van back to the States so they can get back in time for a gig they are due to play. Unaware of the properties from which the van is constructed they make their way back having aquired a couple of female hitch-hikers whilst all the time avoiding the cops whom they are not even aware are following them.

Up In Smoke Soundtrack

(Soundtrack Track Listing)

1. The Finkelstein S__t Kid
2. Up In Smoke
3. Low Rider
4. 1st Gear, 2nd Gear
5. Framed
6. Searchin'
7. The Ajax Lady
8. Strawberry's
9. Here Come The Mounties To The Rescue
10. Sometimes When You Gotta Go, You Can't
11. Lost Due To Incompetence
12. Lard A$$
13. Rock Fight
14. I Didn't Know Your Name Was Alex
15. Earache My Eye
16. Up In Smoke (Reprise)

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