Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Movie: The Waterboy

1998 Movie
Rated: PG-13
1hr 30 mins

Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Fairuza Balk, Henry Winkler, Jerry Reed

Adam Sandler is the lowly water boy for a college football team, until the coach (Henry Winkler) discovers his amazing talent for tackling people much bigger than him. He signs the Water Boy as the new star player.

The Waterboy Soundtrack

(Soundtrack Artist & Track Listing)

1. Born On The Bayou - Creedence Clearwater Revival
2. More Today Than Yesterday - Goldfinger
3. Boom Boom - Big Head Todd & The Monsters
4. Feed It - The Candyskins
5. Peace Frog - Doors
6. Let's Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire
7. Always on the Run - Lenny Kravitz
8. Doin' My Thang - Lifelong Featuring Incident
9. Small Town - John Mellencamp
10. New Year's Eve - Joe Walsh
11. No One To Run With - Allman Brothers
12. Tom Sawyer - Rush
13. Glowing Soul - Candlebox

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