Sunday, June 25, 2006

Movie: Scary Movie 3.5

2003 Movie
Rated: PG-13
1hr 25 mins

Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Marny Eng, Charlie Sheen, Simon Rex

Roving reporter Cindy Campbell sets out to find a hard news story in the middle of television sweeps. She soon uncovers an outrageous onslaught of globe-threatening developments including alien invaders, killer videotapes, freaky crop circles, prophecies of The One, eerie-eyed children, ambitious white rappers and even a run-in with Michael Jackson. Faced with conspiracies of massive proportions, and a crew of very strange people following her around, Cindy must fight to stop evil from taking over the world yet again.

Available Subtitles: Spanish
New Raunchier, Funnier, Sexier Deleted and Extended Scenes
New Feature Commentary Track by director David Zucker, producer Robert K, Weiss, and writers Pat Proft & Craig Mazin
Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
Making Scary Movie 3
Making Scary Movie 3...For Real
Outtakes / Bloopers
Hulk vs. Aliens: Behind the Scenes of The Alternate Ending

Scary Movie 3 Soundtrack

(Soundtrack Artist & Track Listing)

1. Past Your Bedtime? - Kevin Hart
2. Just Got Serious - Buku Wise
3. Mexican Hat Rap - Delinquent Habits
4. Ridin Rollin - N-Kroud Kliq
5. Naughty Schoolgirls - Kevin Hart
6. Do You Wanna - Jug
7. Smoke It Up - Kebyar
8. Fearless - Dame Lee
9. Cindy Discovers - Kevin Hart
10. Who U Lookin' At - Gage
11. Rock Rock, Bounce Bounce - Dame Lee
12. White Boy - Simon Rex
13. Aliens Arrive - Kevin Hart
14. Mayhem Remix - Jug
15. Scary Movie Suite - Part I (Original Score) - The Hollywood Studio Symphony
16. Scary Movie Suite - Part II - The Hollywood Studio Symphony

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