Monday, January 16, 2006

Movie: Into The Blue

2005 Movie
Rated: PG-13
1hr 50 min
My Rating: 1 (out of 4)

(Paul Walker) plays Jared in this movie, and has big dreams of becoming a famous treasure hunter. After a hurricane went through the island, he starts to wonder about all the sunking ships and treasure the storm may have uncovered. One ship in particular, the Zephyr. The Zephyr was know as a myth, with millions in gold on board.

Sam (Jessica Alba) plays Jared's girlfriend in his movie and works with sharks at local aquarium. Sam comes home to find that Jared has gotten fired from his job, to follow his plans of being a famous treasure hunter. She doesn't seem very happy with his decision, and giving how they live and the poor shape the boat was in, no one could blame her.

The boat was run down, and needed alot of work before it could be taken out to sea. With no money, Jared couldn't buy or rent a boat to start his searches. He needed a way to get out there, and his only option was to fix his run down boat, but then, his friend (Scott Caan) plays Bryce in this movie, comes down with his new girlfriend Amanda (Ashley Scott) to visit the Island and Jareds find out that Bryce has a boat they can use. The four go out and begin their searching, and makes a remarkable find. The remains of a sunking ship, and a sunking airplane filled with Cocaine.

Jared realized at this point in the movie they were going to need more equipment, to prove they're finding of the ship a ship. If they reported the airplane full of drugs, the authorities would condon off the area, stopping them from their search. Jared turns to Bryce, since he was known to have money to help get the equipment, but it turned out Bryce had no money. Bryce has an idea, to use some of the cocaine in the sunking plane to get the money up for the equipment. Bryce and Amanda go out and get some of the concaine to sell, but their plan doesn't work, when they try to sell the drugs to the person who already owned them.

Jared tries to get them out of the trouble they are in, by agreeing to bring the drugs back to the owner, but says he needs more equipment to do so. Jared already had a plan to get the drug smuggler to by the equipment they needed to prove their finding of the the ship, and still get the drugs back in a set time limit. They go out and uncover the ship which does turn out to be the Zephyr. With time running out to get the drugs back to the owner, they start loading up the drugs, but then things turns dirty. Amanda get attacked by a shark and they failed to meet the time limit.
Pretty soon, they’re up against some brutal drug smugglers who want to know where their plane is, and one can pretty much guess the rest of the movie.

I didn't really like this movie very much, but Jessica Alba is Hot! There where alot of great shots of the two women showing off their body's in tight skimpy bikinis. There were also some great under water shots, and if you like a biography type movies with a little action touch to it, then you will enjoy it. I would say watch this movie for sure, if you like seeing these hot women in bikinis. You can buy this DVD here, or use one of our covenient movie downloads::

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