Thursday, June 29, 2006

Movie: Disturbing Behavior

1998 Movie
Rated: R
1hr 23 mins

James Marsden, Katie Holmes, Nick Stahl, Steve Railsback, Bruce Greenwood

A man moves to a new town and gets harassed by these annoyingly perfect "good kids". He makes friends with the local rejects, one of which is a conspiracy theorist, another who is an albino, and a third who soon becomes a romantic interest. Together they discover that the jocks are actually lobotomized zombies and that they're next in line.

Available Subtitles: English, French
Audio commentary by director ^M2^nm0638354^
Eleven additional scenes not shown in theatres
Shocking and revealing alternate ending
Music video "Got You (Where I Want You)" (The Flys)
4-page booklet featuring quotes and insights from the movie's hot young stars

Disturbing Behavior Soundtrack

(Soundtrack Artist & Track Listing)

1. Every Little Thing Counts - Janus Stark
2. Got You (Where I Want You) - The Flys
3. Hole In My Soul - Hutt
4. Monster Side - Addict
5. Hello - Once Upon A Time
6. Blown - F.O.S.
7. Million Rappers - Phunk Junkeez
8. Sometimes - Driver
9. Drivetime Radio - Eva Trout
10. Ever She Flows - Treble Charger
11. Psycho Clogs - Jack Drag
12. Hail Mary - Skold

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