Friday, June 30, 2006

Movie: Rush Hour

1998 Movie
1hr 37 mins

Ken Leung, Jackie Chan, Tom Wilkinson, Tzi Ma, Chris Tucker, Robert Littman

Realizing that the FBI and their by the book tactics may be unsuccessful, the Chinese consul recruits the aid of a loyal Hong Kong inspector to help rescue his kidnapped daughter. Outlawed by the FBI, the inspector must form an unlikely partnership with a cocky, street smart LAPD officer who prefers doing things his own way.

Available Subtitles: English
Commentary by: director 'Brett Ratner' (qv)Dolby Digital 2.0,commentary by composer 'Lalo Schifrin' (qv)Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Deleted scenes
Original featurette "A Piece of the Action: Behind the scenes of Rush Hour"
Short movie ^M0^tt0100916^ by director ^M2^nm0711840^
Music video: "Nuttin' But Love" by Heavy D
Music video: "How Deep Is Your Love" by Dru Hill

Rush Hour Soundtrack

(Soundtrack Track Listing)

1. Rush Hour (Main Title)
2. Fight At The Harbor
3. Soo Yung's Theme
4. Soo Young's Abduction
5. Lee Arrives In L.A.
6. Jumping The Bus
7. Won Ton For Two
8. Explosive Situation
9. Lee At The Mansion
10. Restaurant Poison
11. Battle At Juntao's
12. Greasy Egg Rolls
13. Chasing Sang
14. $50 Million Ransom
15. On Juntao's Heels
16. Asian Art Convention
17. Lee's Sadness
18. High Tension
19. Sweet & Sour
20. Chinese Street Music

There are 23 Tracks on this Soundtrack

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